Dwyane Wade Pays Ex-Wife Siovaughn $5 Million to End Divorce


Dwyane Wade Deep V Neck

For the record here is what Siohvaughn Funches will get and has gotten during the couple six year divorce saga.

  • $25k a month spousal support
  • $10k a month in travel expenses
  • $1 Million Lump Sum
  • Mortgage Paid
  • 4 cars
  • Insurance Paid
  • Taxes Paid
  • Security at Home Paid
  • All Attorney Fees Paid

And finally……….

I know Siovaughn would maybe trade all that in for her kids and maybe Wade is a terrible person behind the scenes, but she needs to use that $5 million to get her life in order, so she can have a strong relationship with her sons in the future.

One small tidbit remember when Siovaughn said her voice couldn’t be bought while she was ranting on the street? ¬†Well, according to ESPN part of getting the $5 million means she can’t speak negatively of Wade anymore.

Everyone has a price.


  1. 25k a month, your mortgage and expenses are paid and Wade is a fraud. No way. If you didn’t see through that homeless stage act, sorry for you. They have been divorced for 6 years, even if it was Wade’s fault, at some point she needs to take responsibility for her own life and get herself together to be a better mother to her kids.

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