Dwyane Wade’s Ex-Wife Siohvaughn Suing Him For $1 Million

Siohvaughn Funches-Wade Mugshot

When D Wade called Gabrielle Union his “beautiful black queen” a couple of weeks ago during the BET Awards, I predicted his ex-wife would do something to try to embarrass him publicly.

I thought it would happen sooner, but eventually she got around to it.

The ex-wife of basketball star Dwyane Wade says she’s owed at least $1 million from endorsements and other income, alleging in a lawsuit filed in Cook County Circuit Court last week that Wade has engaged in a conspiracy to deprive her of the money.

The suit alleges the ex-couple had a contract that required that all of the Miami Heat shooting guard’s income from endorsements and marketing contracts plus half of his July 2006 NBA contract income be deposited directly into a “mutual account.” 

Siohvaughn Wade complained in the lawsuit that she has been unable to pay her mortgage and insurance on her home and car.

Wade is paying her $25k a month in spousal support, I don’t think she is living in the White House or driving a Bugatti, so I am not sure why she is claiming broke, but the hurt she has in her heart for Wade leaving her isn’t going away and she is going to make sure she makes his life as difficult as possible.

4 thoughts on “Dwyane Wade’s Ex-Wife Siohvaughn Suing Him For $1 Million

  • LOL. When he called Gabby his beautiful black queen I knew Siov was thinking of another way to get him back!

  • Wade use his national platform to rub his relationship w/ Gabby in her face. Its also constantly thrown in her face that he has the kids so its kinda hard to get over a wound that opens everytime you turn on the TV.

  • So Lakecia, its D Wade’s fault he is happy in a relationship and his ex is crazy? She can turn the channel if its always on TV, because I certainly don’t see it on the channels I watch.

  • Siohvaughn is the bytch that won’t go away…..

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