EA College Football Franchise Will Live On Without the NCAA Name

EA College Football

We will just have to see exactly how the game looks, but thanks to a new licensing agreement, the EA College Football sports franchise will live to see a new day.  As you know by now, the NCAA declined to renew their licensing agreement with EA, ending their involvement with the franchise.  Individual teams and conferences were allowed to make their own deal and they did just that.

Electronic Arts and the Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC), the agency that manages the licensing of college football programs, have signed a new agreement for EA’s college football games, the CLC confirmed to Polygon today.

According to the CLC, the new contract with EA will take effect next July and run for three years. It gives EA the rights to use “more than 150 colleges, conferences and bowl games” in its college football video game series, said a representative for the CLC in an email to Polygon, confirming a Joystiq report from earlier today

If the game looks more or less like it always has, then no one will have a problem, but we will just have to wait until next year to find out.