Eagles’ Offense Will look Like Oregon, Unless Nick Foles Is The Starter


The Chip Kelly era is underway here in Philadelphia, and the number question that people ask Kelly and his new regime, is what will the offense look like?

When Kelly was hired, he hung on to longtime Eagles tight end coach Ted Williams, who has been with the Eagles since 1995.

Williams told Birds 24/7 that he’s spent a lot of time learning the Oregon Ducks read option system that they ran under Kelly, because “that’s what the Eagles offense will look like.”

“I don’t think that anything’s going to change from what he knows,” Williams said. “It’ll be very, very similar to what you saw at Oregon because the play-calling… he needs to be comfortable with what he’s saying to the offense and how he’s communicating it. So you don’t just out of the box decide that you’re going to do something a certain way and you don’t feel comfortable with it. So it’s going to look like Oregon.”

Williams was asked if the zone/read would still be utilized with Nick Foles under center?

“We haven’t decided that particular part of it,” Williams said. “I wouldn’t say we haven’t run it, but we haven’t decided it. But it’ll look like Oregon to a degree based on what we do and how we want to do it and based on game-planning. How much of what we do depends on who we’re playing.”