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Eagles WR Riley Cooper: “I’ll Fight Every N*gger in Here” (Video)

by Robert Littal | Posted on Wednesday, July 31st, 2013
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Riley Cooper

Here is what we know. Riley Cooper and some Eagles teammates went to a Kenny Chesney concert. Something agitated Cooper and he proceeded to say this via Crossing Broad.

Just from personal experience I can tell by the causal way Cooper says “Nigger”  this isn’t the first time he has uttered the word and he has probably used it a lot throughout his life.

Doesn’t it make him a racist? Only he knows that, but I know if I was in the locker room with him today, I would be looking at him a little differently.  I don’t know what set Cooper off, but it shouldn’t matter, because if you are going to fight, that is fine, but you don’t need to use racial slurs to ID your targets.

Crossing Broad reports that Cooper said he almost cried when he heard that his “friend” Jeremy Maclin tore his ACL.  Curious how many actual black people are at a Kenny Chesney’s concert?

Riley was spotted getting into with two white guys (see how I didn’t use a racial slur?) outside of the concert as well.

I honestly don’t know if this is something the Eagles should address or just let the locker room take care of it, we will see how it plays out.

Here is Riley’s fake apology.


Riley Cooper has been fined and hasn’t spoken to teammates.

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  1. Jamal says:

    Isn’t he referring to the white kids he was trying to fight in the bottom video? Seriously doubt there are many black folks at a Chesney concert. He just seems like a drunk moron using any profanity imaginable. Racist? No. Should he be using that word in any context? Absolutely not. Makes him more of an idiot in my opinion rather than a racist..

    • Tom says:

      Ahh, a voice of reason. Obviously, the guy is big and intimidating –he’s a football player– and his behavior indicates that he’s also a big, dumb bully. Too stupid to recognize that the last thing he should be doing is picking fights. The “n” word is offensive, like all kinds of other words spewed when you’re acting like an idiot. When you’re ready to fight someone, i think the general rule is to be offensive. The fact is, if he were a true racist, he wouldn’t have played high school, college or pro football. Not only because he wouldn’t have tolerated it, but because his teammates wouldn’t have tolerated him. Every time the “n” word gets spewed these days, by a white person, the media blows it way out of proportion. It’s actually gotten silly. I actually agree with the writer of the story who called the apology a fake. But I think it’s a fake only because he never meant anything diabolical in the first place. He’s clearly an idiot who thankfully, for him, can catch passes.

      • Gypsy66 says:

        The MAIN reason he’s an idiot is because he was drinking and allowed the alcohol to replace his wisdom. Blame the drink.

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  3. whatabsociety says:

    Who cares? He still has the right to free speech. Im sure some of his teammates have said some not very nice things about white people or other athletes would laugh when jason seahorn would cover them. How about worry real issues in the black community (single motherhood, the fact that most black athletes have 5 baby mamas, or never get an education) than we can talk about this dumbass mid level wide receiver.

    • CanOpeas says:

      Some of those same issues that u deemed the black community should focus on also plagues white communities far more so. Yes he has the right to his freedom of speech and in that moment he showed the world what his language has always been. No worries though because Karma is real and he will feel everything he said on the field. Are you ready for some football?

    • P Arkane says:

      Black America:
      They NEED !!! to keep racism alive at every corner, every opportunity — so as to further the black “cause”… a “cause” led my who? Rev. Al Sharpton? Jessie “I never saw a camera I didn’t like” Jackson? The real peacemaker, the legitimate American capable of bringig peace to all this garbage was MLK. He has been rolling over in his grave for the past 40yrs.

      It is, in the short term, beneficial for “African” Americans (not Americans? hmmmm ) to continue to ride this horse. In the long term the black nation exists only to keep racism alive. Why? To garner money, status, political power, etc. And this makes them different from the “racist” white man how? There is no difference.

      This isn’t about niggers, the “man” or skin color/racism at all. It’s about human nature, selfish at best, which does not change… regardless of skin color.

      Wake up people.. you to black America!

  4. mike says:

    Problem is blacks haven’t got an ultimate putdown word for whites as a comeback.Blacks generally hate white people, FACT,but “cracker” makes white people laugh.Question:Why does a simple word threaten black people? Are you not strong enough to withstand it? Or do you in your new sense of entitlement use any instance of the word to further your own hatred?

  5. Mark says:

    Holla at me…
    I do this for my culture
    To let ‘em know what a n*gga look like…when a n*gga in a roaster
    Show ‘em how to move in a room full ‘o vultures
    Industry shady it need to be taken over
    Label owners hate me I’m raisin’ the status quo up
    I’m overchargin’ n*ggaz for what they did to the Cold Crush
    Pay us like you owe us for all the years that you hold us
    We can talk, but money talks so talk mo’ bucks

    Hove is back, life stories told through rap
    N*ggaz actin’ like I sold you crack
    Like I told you sell drugs…no…
    Hove did that so hopefully you won’t have to go through that

    This is in your Bio where you say you use this in speeches. Don’t get offended when a cracker says it if you going to use 4 time in 2 paragraphs. #doublestandard

  6. Dennis says:

    I don’t agree to what he did and said, but if it were a black saying the same about a white person nothing would have been published about it. Racism only goes one way in our society these days.

  7. Overblown says:

    Maybe he was using it to refer to “people” in general. (I know he wasn’t, just saying) Should we fine every rapper? Yes, you can have racism of the same race

  8. Michael says:

    I’m surprised this isn’t all over Fox or CNN. You know how they want to promote a race war and all.

  9. Not racist says:

    The fact the you don’t know how he actually feels yet you label the apology a “fake” shows just how much of an idiot you are. This is why there is some much racial tension because people blow up anything white people say towards black people it’s ridiculous

  10. Get over it.... says:

    So he apologizes and some “F”tard says it’s fake? pfft…so says the racist that was no doubt dropping all kinds of racial slurs after CORRECT the Zimmerman verdict was announced.

  11. Carl says:

    I believe that he is no racist. I’m an African American whom has played football in college. I now teach and coach in the inner city. This word has been used so much by African American that if you hang around them you forget about race and believe that you are one being. You talk like the others talk, using similar language. I see it in my classroom, one Hispanic kid calling another Hispanic kid n***a. When neither is Black. It’s part of their cultural talk. I don’t condone it but I can see why when heated and maybe speaking unconsciously you can use this word. Among African American, n***a can represent a subject, noun or verb. In his case subject. His talking whipping several people a**. Not black people, people in general.

    • jer says:

      Well said.

    • Jan says:

      Please… stop the lame excuses for ignorance. Remember the holocaust?

    • chris says:

      here here

    • Larry says:

      I am so fed up with the B.S. reverse racism going on in this country. The word nigger is used by the black community on a daily basis, including to be extremely derogatory. If it is a despicable and insulting word to use when referring to black people then NO ONE gets to use it, ever. Last week I listened to an XM radio broadcast of a Chris Rock in concert stand up routine. I would bet a months salary that the bulk of the audience was black. Rock used the word nigger at least one hundred times before I turned it off. The audience was laughing itself silly. Hypocrites galore, disgusting. BTW, if a black team mate of Cooper said “white honkey cracker” this would not be a story

  12. Nelson says:

    If you have house guest come over and somebody comes into your master bedroom bathroom to take a poop, how would you feel? You know that bathroom is yours and personally I would not like it at all. If you’re walking down the street with your wife and child and your child calls his mother a B-word would you slap the you know what out of him, but let a stranger walking by hear your child and decides to slap the you know what out of him, how would that make you feel. The sad part about racism is that people will defend the most outrageous racist rants because it’s your team (race). You really don’t need to own wrong behavior because you’re backing your race. Every race has ignorant idiots, I know many black people that feel using the N-word is wrong. If you think because a selected few of black people spotlighted by ignorance, music and the media uses the N- word its ok for white people to use it, you’re sadly an mistaken ignorant idiot. It’s easy to say they use it why can’t us? They who!! I’m black and I don’t use it, My 80 yrs old retired vet father doesn’t use it and I don’t teach my kids to use it. So when I hear it used by anybody especial someone other than black, it pisses me off. It’s easy to say get over slavery and racism but when a race of people goes through something like slavery and fights for civil rights, that was not that long ago, it can break down the social infrastructure of that race. Sometimes its ok to say, hey I really can’t judge on how someone should react, it’s not in my history or my blood.

  13. jeffrow says:

    it’s not ok to be a racist! but saying the “N” word doesn’t make you a racist. it’s your actions that could make you one … if just saying the “N” word makes you a racist half the black community would be racist against their own race.

  14. Herm Edwards says:

    I love how your dismissive comments attempts to separate his words from his intentions. It doesn’t matter if he was addressing two space aliens, what he said was hateful and offensive. It doesn’t matter “how he felt” or what black players allegedly say to white people. That’s just speculation, dealing with the facts in my opinion Riley Cooper is a racist. With that being said, who cares. He has to live with himself. He has to face a league full of angry black dudes that will try to take his head off each week. And Mike just so you know that word doesn’t effect black people. The fact that people hide their true feeling, people that you work with and converse with everyday. Smile in your face and then call you the N word behind your back.

  15. You've got to be kidding Herm Edwards says:

    Herm Edwards you are a jerk. You are no better then Al Sharpton and the like. Give me a break, you are what’s wrong with this society. I would rather people call each other names and get it out of their system then bottling things up and using violence. “Remember, sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”. Next time I see your stupid mug on T.V. you can bet I will turn the channel.

  16. Herm Edwards says:

    Actually my friend, your ignorance is what’s wrong with society. There are racist people all over the world in every city in America. No one publicised their comments. It’s the people you expect to know better, the people you expect to express a level of sensitivity. Those are the people that get into trouble. And my point was that It’s not the word itself, It’s the fact that the people who use the word privately are the first people to say they’re not racist. “My best friend is black”. Maybe if there was more honesty then there would be more respect. And if you don’t mind I appreciate it if you stopped watching football all together. You strike me as a gymnastics type of guy

  17. outtahere says:

    The whole N word issue has gotten old. Until things are equal with all you will never hear the end of this. It is a word, period, move on and focus on real life and enjoy the good people you are around.

  18. Tony says:

    First things first, historically we all should as reasonable adults understand that this word is permanently embedded in our society. There is no running from it and I’m baffled at how it always comes as such as shock when it’s said. Let’s stop trying to make this out to be some sort of enigma that is so puzzling beyond belief or comprehension. We can’t act as if it doesn’t carry intentions of hatred, degradation and disdain. Now with that being said. Who cares?!?!?! This is a football player people. Not my local political figure, or religious leader. Not my sons’ school principal or my employer. In my opinion this is just another example of the new techie world we live in because had this happened before cameraphones there would’nt have been a story just a rumor with a lot of speculation. Can the media please at least make an attempt to focus on topical issues plaging our health, bank accounts and childrens future???

  19. Pat says:

    Coming from the totally unbiased perspective of a 55 year old, African American mother of a 19 year old son; I think think the situation with this young man will resolve itself in short order. Everytime he runs down the field and expects to have one of his team-mates block for him and he gets “clobbered”; he’ll have take a a moment or two to wonder if they took just a little bit more time than normal to come to his aid. Getting tackled in the NFL is brutal enough on a good day; but with his comments being the subject of speculation, he may find himself looking at quite a few bad days in the near future. If I were his mom; I’d worry……

  20. Pez says:


  21. koritime says:

    Didn’t use a racial slur for “white people”? Like what, cracker? Ooooohhh no don’t hurt white peoples feelings by calling them a delicious treat! Come on guys let the dumb shit go and stop wondering about who likes who or not. This is getting rediculous. People aren’t gonna change. Same races fight eachother too. Stop losing sleep people! I’ve seen kids that act more grown up than adults. Wtf.

  22. Alan says:

    First I would like to say racism goes both ways. How many times has a black guy disrespected a white person. Why is it every time some white person drops the n-bomb they get destroyed for it. In this country we can say what we want. I’ve experienced reverse racism on a regular basis and I don’t go crying about it. I don’t care what the guy says. If he said I’m gonna beat up all the crackers, honkeys, white boys ect would he have gotten fined? No. This is so ridiculous. How many times did I line up for football and all the black guys on the other side of me start spitting racial slurs in my direction. Give it a rest. I’m so sick of it. It’s so boring. Nobody is ever gonna stop being racist on both sides. Do I support what he did… No. Do I care.., no. Enough is enough. Start fining every black guy for throwing insults and racial slurs towards white people. If most black people don’t like racial slurs stop using them towards other races. Why is it acceptable for African Americans to be racist n not whites?

  23. whatabsociety says:

    Canopeas yes single mother hood is a problem in white society especially in the younger generation. Its a problem in the younger generation for all races hispanic, asians yet sadly its been a problem in the black community for multiple generations. I have white, hispanic, asian and black friends. None of my asian friends have multiple baby mamas, 1 white friend does, 5 hispanic friends do, and 3 of my black friends do (3 out of 12 friends isnt bad but i also know a bunch of mature adults who think that many baby mamas is stupid and childish, who just happen to be black.). I say this as “cracker” with some soul, who played on a team in a league which was prodominatly black. Shit i got accepted to a hbc as a white guy! I find nothing wrong with what he said not because what he said is okay or acceptable (because its not.) I find nothing wrong with it because i believe we have the right to say whatever we want even if people seem to not like it. And yes look up michael irvin and white cornerback. He said it himself. Or look at nba players who get d up from a white guy. They believe that white players are

  24. Walker says:

    Its funny how you said,”Riley was spotted getting into with two white guys (see how I didn’t use a racial slur?) outside of the concert as well.”
    I feel its racist just the same when you have to clarify what color some one is….What ever color you may be. The “N-word” is fine if they use it or rap it so why can’t other people use it too?? Last time I checked they don’t own the word. I don’t get it.

  25. Walker says:

    LmFAO… I just noticed the name of this website.. I think that’s pretty racist right there. But seriously, its all about the context of words, but the “N-word” is only wrong if used by someone not of color. Which in my book is completely wrong!

  26. edgre says:

    The punk wouldn’t have said it at work, because he N’s on the other side of the fence would have killed him. You know how you folks are, You only mouth off when you have a bunch backing you up or write into sports pages when you can’t play shit, but tennis and you lose that to England. We’re taking hockey next. lol

    • Walker says:

      He most definitely would have said it at work, because everyone that actually worked would agree with him. I was only mouthing off because I saw the name of the site. Really?? Blacksportsonline?? I can play lots of shit and when there is some color influence in any sport that actually takes some skill I will recognize.. I’ve only seen 2, pretty damn good but when the going got tough they are falling waay behind.

  27. BigD says:

    Hmmmmmm … “Black” Sports Online ??? Way to keep racism alive . Numbskulls never get it .

  28. J-tona says:

    herm edwards is a complete racist moron and if it werent for watered sports channels he would have been outta a job years ago. if he knew what he was talking about , he would still be coaching. this is coming from an assistant nba coach

  29. Marshall Mathers says:

    According to all the white people posting comments on this site, everyone is racist except the guy running around screaming the N-word hahahahahahahaha. Herm Edwards your the man dude.

  30. bigrik says:

    I”ll tell you why it’s hurtful to a large number of African Americans, take a moment and count how many times you’ve heard don’t drink out my water fountain nigger, or don’t use my bathroom nigger, or go to the back door nigger, or they aint nothing but porch monkeys, now count how many times have said that to a Caucasian! African Americans have earned the right to take it, and use it which ever way we please, the Caucasians haven’t.

  31. Pretty great post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I’ve truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing for your rss feed and I’m hoping you write again very soon!

  32. Racial obligation says:

    I believe the word shall be used less when whites catch up in crime rates. This per the FBI website…black male crimes committed against white women 2012 14,000! White male crimes committed against black women….are you ready?? 0!!!! Get your act together maybe Cooper has a point.

    • Your a Coward says:

      Racial obligation have you looked up the amount of crimes white men commited against blacks women in the last one hundred some odd years. How about Arabs, native Americans, most of humanity for that matter. 14000 is a small price to pay. In any event if Riley Cooper would have said that at a 2 chains concert he would prove to be less of a coward. The fact is, he wasn’t using the N word in a racist manner in my opinion. He used it as a slang term which is still ignorant but no more ignorant then when a black person does it. Maybe he should consult with Howard Stern on the differences between the hard R and the A

    • John thome says:

      Don’t worry, according to this dipshit below. It’s ok to commit crimes if its been done before. So Hitler killed a lot of Jewish people so its ok if Jewish people now kill all Germans. Perfect logic from an Obama fan!

  33. Fran says:

    How is that African American players can refrain from calling their white teammates such names as hokey, cracka, or trailer trash in the heat of the moment? However “so-called” nice guy white players can’t. Is it because these players deep inside feel superior to their African American teammate. This “person” (I use the word loosely) showed the level of respect that he has for his fellow teammates by his choice of words. If a player doesn’t have respect for his teammates than he shouldn’t be on the team. End of discussion.

  34. John thome says:

    Your a coward, first, it’s you’re. Let me guess ps13 in some ghetto is your education. It’s ok to commit those crimes against white women cause white men from 100 years ago did it to black men and women. Ok let’s just make excuses for these savages to break crimes records at an alarming speed. We live in 2013, not 1865 sorry. In NYC where I live, blacks and hispanics make up 98% of the crimes. It’s on a public website, so waddle down to the library and check it out homegirl. Facts are facts.

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