Eagles WR Riley Cooper: “I’ll Fight Every N*gger in Here” (Video)

Riley Cooper

Here is what we know. Riley Cooper and some Eagles teammates went to a Kenny Chesney concert. Something agitated Cooper and he proceeded to say this via Crossing Broad.

Just from personal experience I can tell by the causal way Cooper says “Nigger”  this isn’t the first time he has uttered the word and he has probably used it a lot throughout his life.

Doesn’t it make him a racist? Only he knows that, but I know if I was in the locker room with him today, I would be looking at him a little differently.  I don’t know what set Cooper off, but it shouldn’t matter, because if you are going to fight, that is fine, but you don’t need to use racial slurs to ID your targets.

Crossing Broad reports that Cooper said he almost cried when he heard that his “friend” Jeremy Maclin tore his ACL.  Curious how many actual black people are at a Kenny Chesney’s concert?

Riley was spotted getting into with two white guys (see how I didn’t use a racial slur?) outside of the concert as well.

I honestly don’t know if this is something the Eagles should address or just let the locker room take care of it, we will see how it plays out.

Here is Riley’s fake apology.


Riley Cooper has been fined and hasn’t spoken to teammates.

54 thoughts on “Eagles WR Riley Cooper: “I’ll Fight Every N*gger in Here” (Video)

  • Isn’t he referring to the white kids he was trying to fight in the bottom video? Seriously doubt there are many black folks at a Chesney concert. He just seems like a drunk moron using any profanity imaginable. Racist? No. Should he be using that word in any context? Absolutely not. Makes him more of an idiot in my opinion rather than a racist..

    • Ahh, a voice of reason. Obviously, the guy is big and intimidating –he’s a football player– and his behavior indicates that he’s also a big, dumb bully. Too stupid to recognize that the last thing he should be doing is picking fights. The “n” word is offensive, like all kinds of other words spewed when you’re acting like an idiot. When you’re ready to fight someone, i think the general rule is to be offensive. The fact is, if he were a true racist, he wouldn’t have played high school, college or pro football. Not only because he wouldn’t have tolerated it, but because his teammates wouldn’t have tolerated him. Every time the “n” word gets spewed these days, by a white person, the media blows it way out of proportion. It’s actually gotten silly. I actually agree with the writer of the story who called the apology a fake. But I think it’s a fake only because he never meant anything diabolical in the first place. He’s clearly an idiot who thankfully, for him, can catch passes.

      • The MAIN reason he’s an idiot is because he was drinking and allowed the alcohol to replace his wisdom. Blame the drink.

  • Who cares? He still has the right to free speech. Im sure some of his teammates have said some not very nice things about white people or other athletes would laugh when jason seahorn would cover them. How about worry real issues in the black community (single motherhood, the fact that most black athletes have 5 baby mamas, or never get an education) than we can talk about this dumbass mid level wide receiver.

    • Some of those same issues that u deemed the black community should focus on also plagues white communities far more so. Yes he has the right to his freedom of speech and in that moment he showed the world what his language has always been. No worries though because Karma is real and he will feel everything he said on the field. Are you ready for some football?

    • Black America:
      They NEED !!! to keep racism alive at every corner, every opportunity — so as to further the black “cause”… a “cause” led my who? Rev. Al Sharpton? Jessie “I never saw a camera I didn’t like” Jackson? The real peacemaker, the legitimate American capable of bringig peace to all this garbage was MLK. He has been rolling over in his grave for the past 40yrs.

      It is, in the short term, beneficial for “African” Americans (not Americans? hmmmm ) to continue to ride this horse. In the long term the black nation exists only to keep racism alive. Why? To garner money, status, political power, etc. And this makes them different from the “racist” white man how? There is no difference.

      This isn’t about niggers, the “man” or skin color/racism at all. It’s about human nature, selfish at best, which does not change… regardless of skin color.

      Wake up people.. you to black America!

  • Problem is blacks haven’t got an ultimate putdown word for whites as a comeback.Blacks generally hate white people, FACT,but “cracker” makes white people laugh.Question:Why does a simple word threaten black people? Are you not strong enough to withstand it? Or do you in your new sense of entitlement use any instance of the word to further your own hatred?

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    This is in your Bio where you say you use this in speeches. Don’t get offended when a cracker says it if you going to use 4 time in 2 paragraphs. #doublestandard

    • Regardless if what he has on his profile doesn’t mean anyone else gets a pass.

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