Ex-Boxing Champ Holly Holm KOs MMA Opponent With Kick to the Face (GIFs)


Holly Holm was one of the best female boxers in the world with a record of 33-2-3 but decided to put all of her skills to use in the world of MMA.

Holly had a kickboxing background that dates back to her childhood and her world class striking ability makes her one of the most dangerous female MMA fighters in the world.

It just so happens to be that Holm is in the same weight class as current #1 female fighter Ronda Rousey. With 4 KOs in her first  5 fights Holm is sure to be on the UFC’s radar of rising women stars.

Here are the spectacular head kick GIFs for your viewing pleasure:



GIFs courtesy of Bloody Elbow and Zombie Prophet

Also take a look at Holly training with top Men’s MMA fighter Jon Jones: