Female Red Sox Fans Twerk at Fenway Park (Video)

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The Boston Red Sox are in 1st place in the AL East and their fan base deserves to celebrate. Two female Sox fans decided to attened a recent red Sox game and took ballpark celebrating to the next level when they decided to do their best Miley Cyrus Twerk impersonation.

There are a few glaring mistakes that were made by these women during this video, let me highlight them for you.

1. Twerking should not be done to rock/country music.

2. Tandem twerking should never be done without some sort of choreograph.

3.  If twerking is done in unison at least one party should have rhythm.

4. Finally, and most importantly, always practice all twerk moves at home before displaying them publicly. Never spontaneously twerk.

Feel free to check out the video below and let us know what you think of their dance moves.

4 thoughts on “Female Red Sox Fans Twerk at Fenway Park (Video)

  • That was horrendous, not sure if i can even call that twerking.

  • WTF

  • That wasn’t twerking, it was kirking.

  • … or spazzing

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