Florida LB Antonio Morrison Dog Barking Arrest Video


Antonio Morrison is an immature kid, who needs to grow up,  but with that being said Mr. Super Trooper here needs to be disciplined for this ridiculously arrest.

The kid barked at a dog barking at him, stop trying to be Super Cop and do some real police work. This is why people don’t like cops because they abuse their authority.

I know it is a tough job and I commend those who put their life in danger every single day to protect us, but cops like this need to be taken off the street. They are the ones who like to shoot and ask questions later.

Even the Sheriff said that Morrison should have just been giving a warning. Just because you have a badge doesn’t mean you have the right to be an overlord.

Cut it out.

2 thoughts on “Florida LB Antonio Morrison Dog Barking Arrest Video

  • How does someone that dumb even make it to college? Must be a heck of a player. You don’t mess with a police dog, you just don’t. He’s lucky there were cameras rolling or it may have been a lot worse for him.

  • I am sure there are other crimes being commited where these cracker ass wanna be skin heads fuck heads could be making a difference!

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