Florida Removes Aaron Hernandez’s All-American Brick From Campus (Photo)


Aaron Hernandez, who was Aaron Hernandez?

That seems to be the approach that the NFL, and the Patriots took to Hernandez, by trying to erase any memory of Hernandez by removing jersey’s and statistics.

The University of Florida, the place where Hernandez achieved his greatest success, has now followed suit with everyone else.

According to the Big Lead, Florida has now made a clean break from Hernandez by taking down pictures, and this morning, they removed his All American brick from campus.


All American football players at Florida get a plaque surrounded by brick put down outside of Ben Hill Griffin stadium. Hernandez had one, and now he doesn’t.

One thought on “Florida Removes Aaron Hernandez’s All-American Brick From Campus (Photo)

  • Now I think he is guilty, but we see this all the time. Suspensions, expulsions and everything before the player has had their day in court. Does this make anyone else worry about “innocent until proven guilty”?

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