Florida Sisters Arrested for Leaving 4 Kids in a Car While Gambling at Casino


Malory Pierre Romanie Pierre

I guess this was the weekend to leave your kids unattended while you turn up.

An Ex-NFL player left a baby in the car while he went to a strip club.

A Twodel let her two kids roam a parking lot while she twerked at a Lil Wayne concert.

Then you have these ladies…..

Two South Florida sisters are facing child neglect charges after authorities say they left their young children in a car while they gambled inside a casino.

Malory Pierre, 27, and Romanie Pierre, 31, are both facing four counts of child neglect without great harm after they left four children inside a running car outside the Mardi Gras Casino in Hallandale Beach Sunday.

The sisters took the car full of children — ages 8, 5, 4 and 2 — to the casino Sunday evening and left them in the running car while they went inside.

After a brief investigation, police discovered the two had gone inside and were gambling and had checked in at the player’s club and were playing slots.



  1. Aaron Hernandez, Trayvon, Pouncey Brothers, ex nfl’er leaving kid in car at strip club, momma leaving her kids in car for lil wayne concert, these 2 broads here..man Florida on a roll!

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