Former Woman’s BBall Coach Told Players to Pretend to Be Virgins


I am not a woman, so I can’t pretend to know what it is like.

But, just reading these accusations against Oakland University coach Beckie Francis, I feel very sorry for what the women had to go through.

Her are some of the things former player Stacey Farrell is accusing Francis of.

According to Farrell, Francis said: “We don’t fraternize with the men’s team. By the way, are you guys virgins? You guys are virgins, right? You haven’t had sex, right?”

The players were stunned.

The older players’ advice: If anyone asks, you are a virgin. You are Christian. You do not drink. You do not smoke. You do not talk to guys. You sit in your dorm room and study.

And, above all, you also watch what you eat.

Those interviewed told the Free Press that Francis:

  • Fixated on their weights, to a point that photos were taken of players in their sports bras and Spandex to chart body changes and that some players developed eating issues.

  • Pushed her religious beliefs, insisting players attend church services on trips and showing Christian-based videos on bus rides.

  • Engaged in intimidation and emotional abuse, “head games” far beyond common motivational methods used by coaches.

Sounds like a lovely person to be around. Beckie Francis was fired from the University.