Freddie Freeman Wins All-Star Game Final Vote Over Yasiel Puig

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The fans have spoken.

Freddie Freeman of the Braves and Steve Delebar of the Blue Jays were the winners of the All Star Game final vote.

Freeman vs Puigmania was an epic battle to the end, with the Freeman devotees coming out the victors. Puig being a possible player in this year’s All Star games captured the criticism of many in the baseball world.

With just a month under his belt would it really have been fair to let Puig take a spot? That was the argument of the last week and a half, with those in defense of Puig stating that his hype and what he’s done in such a short time is what the fans want ultimately.

The voting process over the last few days took on a life of its own, with hashtags and teams making promo vids for their players. It’s that fun spirited nature which was lost when ‘old school baseball’ fanatics made Puig out to be damn near criminal if he was voted in by the fans.

The All Star game is for the fans, and the fans have indeed spoken.

H/T: NBC Sports