Giants Prince Amukamara Proposes to GF at Jabbawockeez Show (Photos)

Prince Amukamara Pilar Davis

This was pretty creative.

New York Giants cornerback Prince Amukamara proposed to girlfriend Pilar Davis during the Jabbawockeez show “PRiSM” at Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. A Jabbawockeez fan and dance lover, Amukamara popped the question in style when he sneakily joined the dance crew onstage for a performance in costume. Davis was pulled onstage as part of the act, and after the routine Amukamara dropped to one knee and took off his mask to reveal himself to Davis for his heartwarming proposal – she said yes. This was the first proposal ever integrated into a Jabbawockeez show.

Prince Amukamara Pilar Davis 2

3 thoughts on “Giants Prince Amukamara Proposes to GF at Jabbawockeez Show (Photos)

  • Another one marries a white girl, and the funny thing is I am white and I can see what black women are saying about athletes.

  • When you attend school like Nebraska and live in a state like that and most especially, if you are a black athlete, it is most likely that white girls will see the potential and purposely seek you out to marry. It’s all for the money Boy, and that’s the case. If you were just a ordinary black kid with no athletic future, she will never seek after you stupid. Money, will be her goal and always is her goal. Look at your parents, especially your MOM. So you saying the color of her skin, does not warrant your preference of marriage? Ummh I wonder, she brought you into this world. Don’t you valued her origin, stupid?

  • “Stupid Ballers,” You don’t know the facts and you are adding to what is hate and now apparently jealousy of this white girl getting engaged to a brotha. Give me a break! Prince comes from a nice Catholic Family, who sought out a girl with the same values. He is a good example for us to emulate. He is walking his talk.

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