Gilbert Arenas Shark Tank Mansion for Sale (Photos)

Gilber Arenas

No…Gilbert Arenas is NOT broke. In fact, he will be the Orlando Magic’s highest paid player as they are still on the hook to pay him over $22 million. But that hasn’t stopped the former basketball star from trying to unload his 9,042 square foot shark tank mansion for a cool $3.2 million

No explanation as to why Gilbert has put his shark heaven on the market. Maybe it’s because he knows it’s a good chance he won’t play in the NBA again or maybe there are too many bad memories. Like when he accused his fiancée Laura Govan of killing his beloved sharks with pennies. Either way, we know it’s not because he can’t afford it.

One thought on “Gilbert Arenas Shark Tank Mansion for Sale (Photos)

  • So many broke athletes, ESPN will have to do a 30 for 30 Broke part two!

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