Greg Jennings: It Was difficult For Aaron Rodgers To Hold Himself Accountable


Greg Jennings has a new contract, lots of money, and a new place to call home.

Jennings though hasn’t forgotten where he came from, and has been delivering scathing commentary regarding his former team in Green Bay.

Jennings once again reached out to the Star Tribune to give his opinion, and during his interview, he stated that he felt “it was difficult for Aaron Rodgers to hold himself, accountable.”

“Don’t get me wrong, ‘12′ is a great person,” Jennings said. “But when you hear all positives, all positives, all positives all the time, it’s hard for you to sit down when one of your teammates says ‘Man, come on, you’ve got to hold yourself accountable for this.’ It’s hard for someone to see that now because all they’ve heard is I’m doing it the right way, I’m perfect. In actuality, we all have flaws.”

“A lot of times when you have a guy who creates that spotlight for himself and establishes that and takes a lot of that, it becomes so-and-so and the team,” Jennings explained. “For me, I’m such a team person, I’m going to defer to my teammates. I’m going to defer to the team, to the team, to the team. And I think when you reach a point where you’re not deferring any longer, it’s no longer really about the team.”

If Jennings wants to bash his former quarterback, that’s his choice.  He can at least refer to Rodgers by name, instead of a number, or acting like he doesn’t exist.

2 thoughts on “Greg Jennings: It Was difficult For Aaron Rodgers To Hold Himself Accountable

  • Translation: I didn’t disappear last year; he made me vanish!

  • Ha! It’s slowly coming out thanks to 60 minutes, Clay Mattheews, and now Jennings how incredible delicate and insecure Rodgers is and how you’re not allowed to criticize him or you’ll get your head bitten off. You have to tell AR he’s the best ever or you’re basically shown the door in GB.

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