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Groupie Tales: How a Woman Tried to Sell Naked Photos of RG3

by Robert Littal | Posted on Monday, July 15th, 2013
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Meredith Barber RG3 6

We brought you the story of Meredith Barber a Redskins and RG3 fan who claimed that RG3 sent her a shirtless photo of himself the night of his wedding.

The majority of that story seemed fishy and we reported as such, but Meredith like most groupies and Twodels showed her true colors to Busted Coverage, who originally broke the story.  After the story went viral Meredith contacted the BC directly, not to say it was a big misunderstanding and she would never try to expose someone she considers a friend, but of course to ask for money.

You can read the conversation below it is quite interesting.

There was more of the exchange at Busted Coverage, but you get the gist of it.  They offered her $500 and she said that wasn’t enough.

Before, I get back to Meredith, I need to speak to RG3 for a minute.  Listen son, I don’t care what you are doing in your free time.  You could be cheating with the whole DC area and state of Texas for all I care, but regardless if this young lady is telling the truth or not (story still seems a bit off) you need to be careful about anyone you are interacting with.

You are a big star and target, this isn’t Baylor anymore son, I need you to smarten up.  These women are vicious and just because they are white, don’t think you are protected, because as you see white girls will sell you out too.  Call Tiger Woods if you think I am lying.

Be careful son.

As far as Meredith, she just represents the new age of women who have grown up around new age media who think being on Bad Girls Club is equal to being a doctor. Attention whoring is more important than being classy and discreet. So, no one should be surprised by this.

Be very careful out here guys, these ladies will expose you and many for less than $500.

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  1. AA says:

    “Just because they are white dont think you are protected” real talk!!!

  2. Shelby says:

    “These women are vicious and just because they are white, don’t think you are protected, because as you see white girls will sell you out too.” The author is ignorant for stating that. The author is implying that women of color are normally the vicious ones that will sell you out. Robert Littal coonery

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