Ice Cube: “F*ck Dwight Howard, We Don’t Need No B*tches on Our Team” (Video)


Ice Cube

Tell us how you really feel O’Shea about Dwight Howard….FYI the video is NSFW.

I don’t know about Kobe getting that 6th ring, but it was funny nevertheless.

H/T to the Sports Bros for the video.


  1. Really??? I’m a Laker fan too but damn…get over it. I wish the so called Laker fans would stop acting like a teenage drama queen who just got dumped for a hood rat.

    Dude was a free agent, end of story.

  2. As much as i hate Ice Cube, he is right. Dwight Howard is a bitch! Houston will soon find out how much of a bitch Dwight Howard is!

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