Jason Witten: “Dez Bryant Has Come Full Circle,”


Dez Bryant is on the brink of superstardom, and needs another huge year to elevate the already growing status the four-year veteran has developing.

Bryant had a relatively quiet off-season that has coaches and teammates feeling he may have finally turned the corner.  Jason Witten spoke to reporters at a Independence Bowl kickoff luncheon on Wednesday, and according to The Dallas Morning News, feels “Bryant has come full circle” as a player.

“Dez deserves that credit, not anybody else,” Witten said. “He came into the league under some tough circumstances. He missed part of his last year in college when he was suspended, just working through a lot of different things. That happens to a lot of young athletes in the National Football League. But he’s came full circle and matured in a lot of ways and obviously he’s a phenomenal player.

“Dez should be proud of himself. As I mentioned [earlier], the standard gets raised when you perform at a high level in this league. I think he understands that the bar is going to be set higher for him going into this year. He needs to be one of the best wide receivers in the National Football League. In order to do that, he’s got to do it day-in and day-out. I expect big things from Dez coming into this upcoming season.”

Bryant is coming off a 2012 season in which he caught 92 passes for 1,382 yards and 12 touchdowns.