Jay-Z Diss of Scott Boras Just Another Marketing Ploy

Jay Z Boras

Make the mistake of thinking Jay-Z is just some rapper who lucked up on some business deals.

How many times has a rapper come out with the a project and had every mainstream sports media outlet talking about it’s release? Those lyrics about Boras and the NFL were done strategically to get more attention and buzz  for the project.  The brilliant part about it, Jay-Z didn’t have to pay a dime for the free press.  It is very humorous to see mainstream media who probably never heard of Reasonable Doubt, try to figure out rap lyrics.

You have Darren Rovell breaking down the Tweet and calling Boras for his comments. Boras is smart guy, he knows what is going on, that is why he didn’t engaged with an explosive response.  He knew if he said anything negative about Jay-Z, it would just blow up the story even more.

You don’t think these athletes currently in college aren’t bumping the Magna Carta Holy Grail thinking “Jay-Z can be my agent!!!”.

Smarten Up Nas….

4 thoughts on “Jay-Z Diss of Scott Boras Just Another Marketing Ploy

  • Jay Z is smoke and mirrors.
    Tank Black 2.0.

    • i know right , say what you want about how good his business skills are. but im looking at it from the perspective of the people who study and work their asses off to get a degree to become a agent and have their field be infested by gimmicks like the ones jay-z is trying to pull.

  • @truth and here lies the issue. These guys have spent THOUSANDS in loans to go to college to get degrees and work their way up. Jay-Z is a high school drop out who sold drugs and has managed to be worth over $700 MILLION with his wife and these guys hate it. LOL CAN’T KNOCK THE HUSTLE!!! Jay-Z is getting that money!!

  • Rappers have been doing this for years.
    see 50 cent.

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