Jay-Z Says He’s A “Problem” For Agents (Video)


Jay Z has a new studio album, but his buzz in the sports world, has already made him a daily topic among media outlets, sports radio, and bloggers alike.

Roc Nation Sports Agency is making a lot of agents in the NBA, NFL, and MLB extremely nervous, and as expected, those nervous agents have filed complaints, accused Jay of being a runner, in over his head, and dishonest in the service he can provide.

Jay Z appeared on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club Morning Show to talk, Beyonce, Magna Carta Holy Grail, and his leap in the Sports Agency business.

He didn’t hide the fact that his presence “is a problem” for the good old boy club of sports agents.

“Those guys have been sitting around just doing the typical things.”

”Knock on the same doors.  They go to Nike, they do the contract and then they sit back.  They don’t do anything else.  So they’ve been sitting around for 20-30 years just not doing anything.

“So me coming, that’s a problem for them.  Cause now they have to go to work, now they have to wake up, now they have to do things.  So they don’t want me around because now they have to do something for these athletes.  The bigger goal is for all artists to get their just due.  Not to get half-ass agents or people who rob them or people who don’t care about their finances. They’re just taking whatever is going to get them a check.”

12 thoughts on “Jay-Z Says He’s A “Problem” For Agents (Video)

  • no , you are more of a problem for the people hiring you , they just dont realize it yet, but they will …..

    • How is he a problem?

    • you sound stupid lol

  • The dumbing down of Black America in full effect.
    Collective bargaining sets the rookie contract amounts.
    It is great to make alot of money, but better to keep it.

  • This is my first time on your site I just wanna say I love highlighting black athletes in professional sports. I think that what you guys are doing here is great keep it up.

    The Sports Debate network

  • Jay z has and always will be one step ahead of the pack. He will find new creative ways to make more money and opportunities.

  • I do believe that ROC Nation Sports Agency is shaking up the good old boys network of sports agents, but I think he will rock their world when he signs his first white sports superstar.

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