Jeremy Shockey Wins Divorce Case Ex-Wife Has to Pay Him $4900

Jeremy Shockey Ex Wife

If you are an athlete and you want to married, if she doesn’t want to get a prenup, then don’t get married. The facts are over 60% of marriages end in divorce and it is even higher for athlete marriages, so it is the prudent thing to do.

That way instead of a situation like D Wade’s Ex-Wife ranting on the street, you can end up like Jeremy Shockey and actually getting some money back in your pocket.

According to TMZ, Shockey’s Ex-Wife Daniela Cortazar was trying to get their prenuptial agreement voided, but it didn’t work, so in the end she leaves the marriage with nothing.

In fact, the judge ordered her to pay Shockey half the cash value of the gifts he gave her during the marriage (a Rolex, Bulgari ring, Cartier bracelet and purse), which added up to $4900.

Shockey didn’t make greatest decisions on the field, but he made a great one before saying “I Do”.