Jets May Use Geno Smith as a Change of Pace QB


Before I comment I want you to read the quote from Helmet to Helmet.

According to Rich Cimini of, the Jets are “toying with the idea” of using Smith as a “change-of-pace quarterback” if he doesn’t earn the starting job.

In this scenario, Smith would have a package of plays — mostly of the read-option variety — that could “exploit his speed.” 

Did the Jets do any research on Geno Smith, he isn’t a read option QB, he played from the pocket most of the time at West Virginia, so this is destine to fail.

One thought on “Jets May Use Geno Smith as a Change of Pace QB

  • This just goes to show how Black quarterbacks are denied the privilege of uniqueness. If RG3 and Cam run the option – so must Geno. Why? He’s black and has some speed – That’s the ridiculous logic that exists in the NFL. Thankfully the CFL doesn’t have these attitudes.

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