JJ Redick Had an Old GF Sign an Abortion Contract (Photos)

I don’t mean to shock you, but these type of contracts aren’t uncommon in the sports world. This one is pretty in detail, but contracts like this are signed all the time.

I’ll let you decide how you feel about it (you can read the documents above), but I will say this, the woman a then 22-year-old JJ Redick was dating Vanessa Lopez has went on to try to sue and expose many athletes including Shaq and Kenyon Martin.

So  maybe Redick put that Duke education to good use.


Besides the abortion stuff, there are a ton of interesting stipulations included.  The question begs if you need to sign this type of contract to date someone, maybe they aren’t the type of girl you want to bring home to Coach K?

But, I digress.

H/T Deadspin

7 thoughts on “JJ Redick Had an Old GF Sign an Abortion Contract (Photos)

  • I don’t get it. If she tried to extort Shaq and Kenyon…why would any semi intelligent athlete even want to be associated with her? Obviously she only brought trouble. But then again, I’m just a mere mortal who likes to consider their morals lol

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