Joe Dumars Says Andre Drummond Is “Untouchable”


Joe Dumars loves the potential of 19-year-old center Andre Drummond.

Drummond is so highly thought of by Dumars, that he apparently doesn’t have to worry about being traded anytime sooner.

According to the Detroit News, Drummond is the only untouchable Piston on the roster.

“There are guys who, a pecking order of things we would or wouldn’t do, Drummond is certainly one of those guys we wouldn’t move,” said Dumars, who wouldn’t claim anyone else as “untouchable”.

Drummond puts up some pretty good numbers when he’s in the game, and still has no clue how to truly play yet.  He averaged close to 8 points and 8 rebounds a game, in less than 20 minutes per contest off mostly hustle and exuberance.

If you want a Pistons big man, you might want to inquire about Greg Monroe.