John Calipari Launches A Clothing Line



Kentucky head basketball coach John Calipari is much more than just an x’s and o’s guy.

Cal is a master recruiter, motivator, motivation speaker, and now entrepreneur. is reporting that Calipari has launched his own clothing line, called The Coach John Calipari Refuse to Lose Signature Series.

John Calipari and ST Brands is proud to introduce the “Coach John Calipari Refuse to Lose Signature Series.” The new clothing line is now available online at

Coach Cal’s line is designed for athletes, businessmen and -women, and fans everywhere. Made with a blended material that quickly wicks away sweat, everything in the Coach John Calipari Refuse to Lose Signature Series is geared towards comfort and breathability under high-performance use.

Each section of clothing is constructed with four water-directing channels to wick away sweat. A power capillary effect ensures rapid absorption of sweat for quick drying. Thanks to the cross-sectional structure, the area of fiber in direct contact with the skin is relatively small, making the fabric dry, lightweight and smooth to the touch.

The Coach John Calipari Refuse to Lose Signature Series features a number of high-performance shirts, shorts, sweatpants and collared shirts that are designed for you while you work out or are on the run. More options and designs will be added to the online store as product becomes available.

The Coach John Calipari Refuse to Lose Signature Series is also available in select retailers around the Lexington area, including Walmart, Kroger, the University of Kentucky Book Store, Kennedy Book Store and Rupp Arena.

I expect every UK fan to have some piece of this signature series by Midnight Madness.


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