Johnny Manziel Lied to Mom & Archie Manning About Bourbon St. Partying


The Johnny Manziel, Manning Passing Academy fiasco just keeps getting better and better.

Rumors And Rants, who first broke the story about Manziel being kicked out of the Manning Passing Academy, is reporting that Manziel not only overslept the morning he was kicked out of the camp, but he was also allegedly an hour away in New Orleans partying on Bourbon street around 4 a.m.

Of course with New Orleans being Manning country, Archie Manning reportedly was made aware of Johnny’s partying way before Manziel made it back to campus.

Rumors And Rants also is reporting that Manziel lied to his mother about his whereabouts, lied during SEC Media Day, and wasn’t even in the room for AJ McCarron to wake.

McCarron of course spent all of his SEC Media Day answering questions about why he didn’t wake his roommate and friend Manziel up for early morning camp activities.