Johnny Manziel Pleads Guilty to 2012 Bar Fight and Fake ID Charges

Johnny Manziel Cabo 2

Johnny Football almost never existed.

Manziel and a friend had an altercation outside a bar in College Station and that led to Manziel having this humorous exchange with police. 

Police said after they stopped the fight, officers asked Manziel for identification, and he handed them a Louisiana driver’s license showing his birthday as Dec. 6, 1990. Police said he did not look 21 years old, and when asked his age on several occasions Manziel kept confusing whether he was born in 1990 or 1992. Police said a short time later, officers found two other driver’s licenses, one fake and one real, in Manziel’s wallet, identifying him as 19, not 21.

In the end Manziel gets a $2000 fine and no jail time as part of his plea agreement.

Manziel was originally suspended for the fight, but was reinstated before the season and the rest they say is history.