Johnny Manziel Told To “Get The F*** Out” of University of Texas Frat Party (Video)


The Legend Continues.

It is so funny to me when media people are duped by players pretending they have changed. Johnny Manziel said all the right things at the SEC Media day and all the media fell for it.

Johnny Manziel is a college kid, with a lot of money, who is going to do what he is going to do. He doesn’t really care what you think. If that means going to a party down in Austin and getting kicked out, that is what he is going to do.

As long as he plays well on the field, I could care less what he does. The reality is he better play well or all his off the field activities are going to be brought up.

Those are the breaks, you want to be Johnny Football, you have to live with the consequences, good and bad.

Manziel is in the pink shirt getting kicked out of the party. The video is provided by CBS Sports.

3 thoughts on “Johnny Manziel Told To “Get The F*** Out” of University of Texas Frat Party (Video)

  • Johnny Manziel doesn’t realize it, but he has already lost millions in the NFL. He pissed off Sir Peyton Manning. NFL scouts and coaches look at Manziel as a trouble maker and a huge risk. I doubt he gets drafted as the first pick or the first round. Kevin Sumlin better have a serious talk with his quarterback. Aggie fans do not want to see Manziel get arrested again!

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