Johnny Manziel Kicked Out of Manning Passing Academy


I can’t wait for the College Football season to start just to see how Johnny Manziel’s season turns out. He has done nothing illegal, but he has done so much controversial stuff this offseason, that if he doesn’t live up to expectations the critics will be ready to pounce.

Just add this to the list. Rumors and Rants has an exclusive on how Johnny Football was kicked out of the Manning Passing Academy.

Our boots on the ground in Thibodaux, La. — believe it or not, we have them — informed us that Johnny Manziel was sent home from the Manning Passing Academy on Saturday afternoon by Archie Manning himself. Our source, who wishes to remain anonymous because of his connection to the camp, gave us the scoop after Manziel showed up tardy Saturday afternoon after being out on the town Friday night. The Texas A&M star reportedly enjoyed himself a little too much Friday night and rolled back into the camp at Nicholls State University some time around noon Saturday before getting the boot.

The official excuse for Manizel’s absence is that he was sick. Technically, being hungover is sick, so they aren’t lying.

We are going to find out if Manziel is the type of player who can roll out of bed after drinking 20 beers and throw 4 TDs or if he is going to crash and burn under all the pressure.