Judge Orders Release Of Evidence In Murder Case Against Aaron Hernandez


The prosecution in the Aaron Hernandez investigation will continue to build a murder case against the former Patriots tight end, but will now do so, with official search warrants and affidavits now being released to the public and news crews.

According to Pro Football Talk,  Bristol County District Judge Daniel O’Shea on Monday granted a request made by news organizations to lift an order sealing the search warrants issued in the case.

The warrants will be released on Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. ET, unless there is a challenge from lawyers for both sides, who wanted to keep the information secret.

The request includes the search warrants, the affidavits submitted to support the issuance of the warrants, and documents that reflect what evidence was discovered.

We in the public and press can now find out what the police wanted from Hernandez, his homes, cars, and the multiple areas that they searched.