Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Implies Dwight Howard Won’t Get Better in Houston

Dwight Howard Kareem

If you strip away all the clownish aspects of the Dwight Howard saga, it really boils down to this. Have we already seen the best of Dwight Howard?

If we have, then the Rockets made a big mistake, if we haven’t, then the Rockets can be seen as legit championship contenders.

It is a question that won’t be answered until Dwight steps back on the court. History tells us with big men, when they start to fall they fall quickly. Even while injured, Dwight averaged 17 and 12, which still makes him the best Center in the league (tells you a lot about the quality of Centers now). But, when you paying someone $22 million a year, you are going to expect a little more.

Lakers great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar went on his Facebook page to say that the Rockets probably won’t get more.

Dwight Howard is a perfect example of the fact that “potential has a shelf life.” Laker fans should be patient and allow Mitch & company to prepare themselves to do some serious work in the free agent market.

Only time will tell if that statement is accurate or not. For Lakers fans, they are hoping it is true.

3 thoughts on “Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Implies Dwight Howard Won’t Get Better in Houston

  • Where was all of the criticism by LA players and their fans when he was still a Laker? Laker fans sound like a bunch of scorned bitches, who finally got humbled, because a dude they wanted wasn’t interested. Get over that shit, he left. Good for Howard for not falling for that ‘legacyl shit. What good is legacy, if you’ll be miserable the whole time you build it? Fuck misery, and fuck the Lakers.

    • Fuck you back, LAKERS FAN FOR LIFE…. BITCH

  • Well said Tyrone lakers for life baby

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