Kobe Bryant Tells Player He’s 3 Months Ahead of Rehab Schedule

Kobe Bryant Medical Mamba Shoe

If there is one player on the planet you would bet on coming back from a devastating injury and playing at a high level, it would be Kobe Bryant.

Doesn’t matter if this will be his 18th year in the league or a torn Achilles have ended many careers, if Kobe says he can play three more years at a high level, how can you doubt him?

Kobe Bryant has told Chris Douglas-Roberts he is three months ahead of schedule after tearing his Achilles in April. Douglas-Roberts is playing for the Los Angeles Lakers summer league squad and spoke with media after the Lakers victory over the Los Angeles Clippers on Monday.

“He told me he’s three months ahead of schedule, which is very Kobe-like,” Douglas-Roberts said regarding his recent conversations with Bryant.

I would be shocked if he isn’t in the lineup opening night.