Lamar Odom’s Alleged Mistress Says He Tried to Get Her Pregnant

Jennifer Richardson

The stripper above Jennifer Richardson is the reason Lamar Odom-Kardashian went crazy on the paparazzi, she has talked to anyone willing to pay her about her alleged affair with Odom.

She is either telling the truth, exaggerating or outright lying, either way she is being very bold in what she is saying happened between her and Odom.

“He had sex with me on Christmas Eve, before he flew back to L.A. to spend Christmas with Khloe. It was tough when he had to leave. He was really sad,” Jennifer said.

“Lamar gave me a kiss and told me he loved me before we parted ways. He told me on many occasions that he loved me. And I honestly felt the same way.”

“Lamar talked a lot about having a baby with me,” she told Star.

“A couple hours later, when we were lying in bed, Lamar rolled over and said, ‘If you think it’s hard now, wait until you get pregnant.’ I didn’t think too much about his comment then, but the next morning it really affected me.”

Lamar while destroying the paparazzi’s equipment said he has never met the woman and that is was set her off. I am sure the money she was being offered for the story helped as well.

Sad that Odom is known more for his Kardashian drama than anything he has done on the court lately.

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  • Damn, he has TWO ugly white chicks!

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