Lindsey Vonn Says She Won’t Marry Tiger Woods

Lindsey Vonn Tiger Woods

Doesn’t seem like there will be any wedding bells ringing for Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn any time soon.

Recently the Olympic gold medalist not only told Vogue that she won’t marry again, but also warned others about marriage. In the article, Vonn spoke candidly about her relationship with ex-husband and former coach Thomas Vonn and how it affects her opinion of matrimony.

It definitely did not work for me, and I would not recommend it. I would also not recommend getting married!”

That quote led writer Jonathan Van Meter to ask a natural follow-up:

When I ask her if marriage will ever be in the cards for her again, (Vonn) grimaces: “No, thanks! I am definitely not getting married. To anyone.”

I hear Vonn now…but that $600 million man Tiger may make her change her mind. I wouldn’t be surprised if she decides to sing another tune sometime in the future.

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  • Translation: I don’t come cheap.

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