Lions’ Stephen Tulloch: We Are a Playoff Team

Stephen Tulloch

Opinions are ranging far and wide on the outlook for the Detroit Lions this season.

On one hand, I can understand why there are some who consider the Lions a sub-par team at best. Winning only 4 games last season and a porous secondary at best, it would seem some rough times are once again ahead of this team.

On the other hand, the team is loaded offensively and the duo of Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson gives Detroit the ability to at the very least be competitive with most of the league. An improved secondary with the addition of Glover Quinn and a healthy Louis Delmas leads some to believe the Lions are a dark-horse team this year with potential to steal a wildcard spot.

Count Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch in on the latter’s side. Training camp is in full swing now and he let it be known that he feels this is certainly a playoff team.

“Our defense is getting better. Our defensive line is a lot stronger than last year, our secondary is a lot stronger. I think as a defense we’re much better.”

With all the improvement to the defense, Tulloch says the potential for Detroit this season is clear.

“This team is a playoff team,” Tulloch said. “You guys come out here every day, you see what’s going on. We just got to put it together.”

I can certainly appreciate the confidence  but I always say proving it on the field will silence the critics the most. But, since we mentioned playoffs……………………………………….