Pacquiao Challenges Mayweather; Says He Was KOed With Lucky Punch

Manny Pacquiao Knockout

It wasn’t a lucky punch, it was a perfectly timed counter punch by Juan Manuel Marquez. It wasn’t like JMM was some scrub, he always fought Pacquiao tough and had knocked him down earlier in the fight.

As far as Mayweather that ship has sailed, but since Floyd has basically said Pacquiao is a has-been, he decided to speak out.

To us, he sounds cocky. He’s all talk. Why not stop the talk and say ‘let’s fight’ instead?,” Pacquiao said to ABS-CBN News. & I’m not a has been, I can still win fights. I lost because I took a hit. I wasn’t beaten up… it was just a lucky punch, which is part of the game).

Pacquiao is fighting Brandon Rios in the fall in China and it hasn’t created much buzz. Currently, it is being overshadowed by the massive Mayweather vs. Canelo promotion.

3 thoughts on “Pacquiao Challenges Mayweather; Says He Was KOed With Lucky Punch

  • rios loses,

  • It was ‘perfectly timed’ by luck. He swung wildly and caught him. Be real for once in your life.

  • I thought at that point in the fight Manny was starting to dominate.I suppose that all KO punches could be called “lucky”.

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