Marcos “El Chino” Maidana Calls Out Adrian Broner

Marcos-Maidana- Adrian-Broner


The last we saw of Marcos “El Chino” Maidana he was in a brawl with fellow Welterweight Josesito Lopez. That fight was a well contested, back and forth, match with both fighters throwing punches in mass amounts. Maidana left as the victor after a 6th round KO of Lopez and has now set his sights on a much better boxer.

Maidana has made it known publicly that he will not pursue some a fight until he hears from the Adrian Broner camp. Maidana believes that his fighting style would make for the most profitable fight for Broner.

Maidana had this to say to

“We’re still waiting for Broner. We haven’t heard anything from him or his team. I think he has no choice to fight me because it’s such an attractive fight. I doubt he could move back to 135-lbs. because I don’t see great matchups for him in that division. Besides, it’s hard for your body to move back two divisions. But let’s wait.”

With that being said, El Chino wasn’t overly impressive in his last fight and had wobbly legs a few times in those early rounds.

Broner’s power would play well against the defensively challenged Maidana and he wouldn’t have to worry about chasing Marcos around the way that he did Paulie M.

This match makes a lot of sense on paper but Broner doesn’t live his life by what makes the most sense.

I’d love to see both parties make this fight happen and prove to the world that Broner can handle top flight competition.