Marshall Henderson Had Multiple Run-Ins With Police Over Loud Music

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The kid really is a rebel, not pun intended.

Here are a couple of stories of Henderson getting into it with police and this was before he was stopped with weed and cocaine is his car.

An officer stopped Henderson on April 27 for playing loud music and not wearing a seat belt, and the officer threatened to take him to jail when Henderson turned his music up just as loud as he pulled away after receiving the citations.

That is something I would expect to see in a Boyz N Da Hood sequel movie.

Another incident that drew police attention was a party that took place early on the morning of April 4, just two days before the Final Four was played in Atlanta. Oxford police officer Cody Pruitt said he received a noise complaint and knocked on an apartment door to which Henderson opened and identified himself. After Henderson obliged to turn down the “loud music,” the officer left, according to a police report.

We get it, Marshall likes his music loud.

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  • Dumbass…he may be white but he’s not above the law

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