Matt Barkley On Being A Backup: “That’s Not A Plan”


Say what you want about the quarterbacks on the Eagles roster, none of them lack for Bravado or confidence.

At one point or another since Eagles training camp opened, one of the quarterbacks on the team has made it clear that he does not planning on sitting the bench.

You can add the rookie, Matt Barkley to that list now.

While speaking to Angelo Cataldi of 94 WIP, Barkley made it clear that being a backup was not the goal, or the plan.

“That’s not a plan to be a backup,” Barkley said. “I don’t think that ever should be your goal. Sometimes it may work out that way, but it doesn’t mean I’m not going to have that goal to be on the field.”

Barkley is aware that there is a learning curve for rookies, and is doing his best to work through that.

“I’m still on the learning curve, to where I kind of have more questions than answers with the offense,” Barkley said.  “But I think at the end of camp, no doubt, it will be the opposite to where I can provide those answers and provide options for change if necessary.”