Matt Stafford: Calvin Johnson can get even Better

Megatron & Stafford

Calvin Johnson is the best receiver in the NFL today.

His elite size at 6’5 240 combined with his 4.3 40 speed create a unique combination the likes of which the league has never seen. Johnson has dominated the past couple years, culminating in his record breaking single season receiving yardage mark of 1,964.

Coming off a season like that, one might think even loftier goals are perhaps a bit unrealistic. But if you ask his quarterback Matthew Stafford, Megatron can get even better.

“I mean, he thinks he can, which is all that matters,” Stafford said, via “That guy works harder than anybody I know, and he thinks he can get better, so I wouldn’t put anything past him. He’s a guy that can obviously run all the routes, inside, outside, make all the catches, and is a smart football player and a really good teammate.”

Could Calvin get better? I wouldn’t doubt it. But better may not necessarily mean bigger numbers.

The best way for the Lions to help Calvin get better is find other viable options on offense so defenses can’t completely focus on him. Doing that, could result in more one-on-one coverage for Megatron.

And that, helps everybody.