Mazda to Refurbish Redskins Alfred Morris 1991 Hooptie


Most guys get drafted to the NFL and immediately run to the buy their dream car, whether it’s the typical Escalade, Benz or Beamer. As we all know by now, Alfred Morris of the Washington Redskins didn’t follow that path. Morris is notable for still riding his 1991 Mazda that he affectionately calls Bentley.

According to CBS Sports, the good folks at Mazda have decided to capitalize on Morris’ rookie rise to fame and fully refurbish Bentley starting with fixing the dashboard and doing engine and transmission work. Don’t be surprise if they add some extras in there for Morris just to give Bentley that jazz that every car owner loves.

Morris points out:

“It’s not ‘Pimp My Ride’ or anything. No big rims or big fish tanks in the back.”

You have to love this about Morris as a person. He’s not flashy or flamboyant. He’s a simple guy loving the life he’s been blessed to have.

“I don’t play for fame. I don’t play for money. I play because I love [the game].”

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