Meet The Pee Wee Jadeveon Clowney (Video)

Check out the Pee Wee version of Jadeveon Clowney. Nothing says football is just around the corner like a big hit and this kid is in mid season form.

There is so much great stuff in this clip. The hit, the coach falling down, the kid flexing, and the kid that got hit popping right back up and trying to run again. I’m pretty sure Lane Kiffin is ready to offer that player right now.

Roger Goodell would have fined the kid though.

Pee-Wee Football Player Wrecks Teammate In Practice — No Flag On The Play - YouTube-1

One thought on “Meet The Pee Wee Jadeveon Clowney (Video)

  • What’s so great about a coach falling down? This is pure ignorance. This is not the way a good coach would conduct himself.

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