Michigan FB Coach Brady Hoke Befriends Cancer-Stricken Buckeye fan

Brady Hoke


I’m going to attempt to divert your attention away from steroid scandals and onto something that will warm your insides.

In a unique story courtesy of Jerod Smalley of NBC4i.com, Michigan Wolverines football coach Brady Hoke, has befriended 12-year-old cancer patient Grant Reed, who is a fan of the Ohio State Buckeyes, a rival team.

Grant dislikes Michigan so much, that he named his cancer after the team and made a personal goal to beat “Michigan.” With that in mind, it’s kind of odd that Hoke and Grant would become buddies but when the Michigan head coach heard of the battle the kid was facing, he called the family who resides in Ohio to give encouragement, also offering them four tickets to the game between the Wolverines and the Buckeyes.

Grant’s father, Troy, said his son did not hesitate to answer the coach. “He gave a very clear yes—he’s very excited.” Troy said.

Hoke did not say where the tickets will be in the stadium, but Troy says it’s no big deal. “Sad to say, in Michigan Stadium there’s no bad seat.”

“There was no way we could have pulled off getting tickets otherwise.” Troy said.

Hoke has spoke on the phone with Grant, and Troy says it’ll be difficult to root against a man whose been so good to his family.

“It’s getting hard to keep my dislike for them, because they’ve been so classy and unbelievable to us.” Said Troy, who played in the OSU marching band along with his wife, Denise.  

“But it won’t be hard to cheer for the Buckeyes in November.”

Grant is still recovering from the surgery he had in 2011 to remove a brain tumor, but he has a lot to look forward to, as he will be a special guest of the Ohio State Marching Band on August 31, for a Skull Session against Buffalo.