Mike Tyson Breaks Down Mayweather vs. Alvarez



A lot of people don’t know that Mike Tyson is a boxing historian and is very intelligent in the way he breaks down fights and fighters.

He had some interesting thoughts on Mayweather vs. Alvarez.

“I think that’s going to be a super fight,” Tyson said in an interview with ESPN2’s “Friday Night Fights.” “It’s going to be an interesting fight, because I watch Canelo fight and he’s improving with every fight. I’m interested to see how he deals with the complexity of Floyd Mayweather, who’s a real strategist and a master fighter.”

“It’s gonna be tough, it’s gonna be tough,” Tyson said. “I gotta go towards Floyd a little bit. It’s gonna be tough, because we don’t know because Floyd is older. This guy is gonna hit him, but it’s just difficult to bet against Floyd if you’re really honest with yourself. It’s really difficult to bet against him because he’s been so superior over all of the fighters during the duration of his career.”