MLB Considering Lifetime Ban For Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez

At this point, I think it all comes down to money.

A-Rod is owed a lot of money and I believe he is trying to figure out a way to keep MLB from trying to take it all. If they just suspend him, no biggie he will get his money just like Ryan Braun, but if they put a lifetime ban on him, that is a whole different ballgame.

The evidence against the 14-time All-Star is ”far beyond” what the league had against Braun, according to However, the Yankees don’t expect Rodriguez to be suspended immediately, sources told the website. is also reporting that, according to sources, Rodriguez could very likely face a suspension similar to Braun’s.

An MLB source told CBS Evening News’ Jim Axelrod, however, that the five-time American League home-run champion could be looking at a lifetime ban.

If MLB tries to go with the lifetime ban, A-Rod is going to appeal and possibly go to court to get his money. So, look for some sort of deal to be reached.