MLB Investigators To Interview Alex Rodriguez On Friday

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Poor Arod…

It seems when it rains for the disgraced Yankees 3rd baseman, it pours. Just as he gets ready to make his return to the game while rehabbing in the minors the bomb of all bombs went off right in his face.

As reports have stated MLB is preparing to suspend Arod and crew for their connections to the infamous Miami Biogenesis clinic. But we are all ‘innocent’ until proven guilty so as if in one last ditch effort to allow Arod to come clean USA Today has reported that MLB investigators will meet with the slugger on Friday.

Ryan Braun had met with the same people back in June, and it proved more damning than anything, as he refused to answer any questions. The anonymous source confirmed that the meeting with Arod will take place, as the investigation is still unfolding.

Suspensions are expected to be handed out until the week after the All Star Games, but it seems as clear as anything that time is up.  Maybe Arod can salvage some respectability with those investigating him, but so far things look very bleak.