MTSU DT Arrested For Choking GF Until She Bought Him Weed; Teammates Videotaped

J.D. Jones Arrested Mugshot

J.D. Jones isn’t a small man, so the thought of him choking a woman is scary. The fact his teammates would videotape such a thing is deplorable.

If all of this is true, everyone needs to be thrown under the jail.

Middle Tennessee State University football player J.D. Jones is accused of choking his former girlfriend while teammates videotaped and narrated the incident, according to a campus police report.

According to the police report, the video shows Jones choking Cantrell “from the front using one hand and then again choking her from behind using his arm.” The police report continues, “The victim repeatedly asks him to stop but he and the others mock her as he continues to choke her while the other suspects narrate the video and say multiple times that ‘this’ happens all the time or every day.”

According to the police report, the third incident Cantrell could recall in detail occurred in Scarlett Commons apartment 234. She told police Jones asked her for money to buy marijuana. When she refused, Jones allegedly put her in a head-lock until she agreed to give him money.

Jones is listed weight is 295 pounds, his ex-girlfriend weighs 115 pounds.  It was a pattern of abuse and his teammates encouraged it.

Are you serious?

Considering there is videotape evidence, I hope Jones and his boys are all thrown in jail for a long time, so they can fight with some men their own size. I bet they won’t like that very much.

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