NFL Considers Banning Academically Ineligible Players From Scouting Combine


The NFL is all about changing the rules, and sources say that the league is close to making a rule that rewards going to class and achieving academic success in the wake of the Aaron Hernandez saga.

Bruce Feldman of is reporting that the NFL is considering banning academically ineligible players from participating in the NFL Combine.

Feldman stated that according to an unnamed source, the rule is “being discussed because of the increased scrutiny on the maturity and commitment of the prospects entering the NFL.”

So let me see if I understand this correctly.  Someone higher up in the NFL chain seems to think that if you exclude the players who didn’t go to class or achieve academically during their final season of choosing to be a college athlete, then the league will eliminate all the shady characters from participating in the combine?

This won’t solve any image problems the league has, and will only make things worse.  Thugs go to class, thugs are capable of obtaining degrees and making good grades.

As long as a player is good and can perform on the biggest stage, he will always have the chance of getting drafted and bringing his baggage to an NFL city near you.

One thought on “NFL Considers Banning Academically Ineligible Players From Scouting Combine

  • So instead of addressing the real problem, they’re going to discriminate against good kids with learning disabilities, or force more kids to colleges with lower standards, etc. How about they just deal with the actual problem? This just seems so……… pathetic.

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