Packers WR James Jones Surprised by Greg Jennings Comments on Aaron Rodgers


When former Green Bay Packers WR, Greg Jennings, left the cheese state for their arch rivals, Minnesota Vikings, I don’t think anyone foresaw the coming drama between Jennings and his former QB, Aaron Rodgers. Jennings seemingly had a great relationship with Rodgers. The two were prolific together and it aided in giving Jennings the big free agent contract that he is now enjoying.

No one was more surprised than Jennings’ former teammate, James Jones, as CBS Sports reports. Jones commented on the situation by saying:

“I was [taken aback by his comments] and I’m extremely close to Greg. I’m the godfather of his middle daughter. It was a brotherhood here — him and Aaron especially for seven years, me and him for six. When you leave you don’t talk about your brother like that. I’ll leave it as that. Since I’ve been here Aaron’s been the leader of this football team and he’s been one of those guys who’s going to be a leader for a long time.”

During a regular season game last year, Jennings’ sister proceeded to rip Aaron Rodgers apart via twitter. At least now we can presume she was doing so because she clearly knew things weren’t as they seem between Rodgers and Jennings. However, all this trash talk from Jennings may turn around on him during the regular season when the Vikings play the Packers. Aaron Rodgers has shown that he loves to mutilate teams that try to trash his skills and ability as an NFL star.