Patriots Hurt Because Hernandez is Accused Murderer or He Damaged Their Reputation?

Bill Belichick

The Patriots are hurt. If you didn’t think that they were really bothered by the Aaron Hernandez murder charge, it would be wise to listen to Belichick’s press conference today. Until now, the organization has been very tight-lipped about the whole situation. Everyone questioned has pretty much declined to comment on the situation. No one wants to say the wrong thing or add to the media circus. After all, that’s the “Patriot Way.”

As Yahoo Sports explains Belichick finally has been the most candid and said:

“Most of the decisions work out, some don’t. I’m personally disappointed and hurt in a situation like this.”

It’s about time someone showed some emotion, but surprising that it would come from the poker-faced Belichick himself. Finally, the public knows that the Pats actually did care. The NFL is a business as we all know, but when a player has three seasons with the same team, there has to be some bond there. Hernandez wasn’t just a warm body collecting passes from Brady. He was a teammate and a peer. It wasn’t the coldness of trying to collect and destroy all of Hernandez’s jerseys or erase his memory from the team. The Patriots’ organization as a whole feels a sense of failure. They were duped into thinking they could save Hernandez.

Don’t expect much more from the team on Hernandez. After all, that is the Patriot Way.

3 thoughts on “Patriots Hurt Because Hernandez is Accused Murderer or He Damaged Their Reputation?

  • This Hernandez hitch a ride on the good intentions of people his entire life and it turns out he’s kind of depraved. Must have been some safe years in Gainesville.

  • Hitched, of course

  • The patriots have a overinflated confidence that causes them to gamble on players thinking that some how the “patriots way” will deliver them from their bad ways. Sometimes it works and other times not. But given that they seem to compete for a championship almost every year doing it the patriots way, there’s a case to be made that their way is the right way.

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